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Title: Master Malfoy
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: X
Length: Short (7, 563 words)
Writers Notes: Just a general disclaimer -- I do not own Harry Potter or the characters. The lovely JK Rowling and Warner Brothers do. ^_^ I just like to play with them!
Warnings: Contains BDSM, mild CBT, bondage, gay sex (duh), and general kinkiness. ^_^


It had been years since Harry had even heard the name Draco Malfoy, but he was less than surprised of the context in which it was now being mentioned.  The memo was unfurled across his disgracefully unorganized workspace and had been weighted down at the top and bottom with an ink pot and a crystal respectively so he could read it more easily. Harry fingered his unruly hair with one hand and pushed his glasses up his nose with the other as he read it to himself.

"Dear Mr. Potter,

The Ministry of Magic has received intelligence that a wizard by the name of Draco Malfoy has been suspected of conspiracy to overthrow our government and usher in a new Pureblood Movement. This intelligence comes as no surprise as we are sure you are aware of his family's past involvement with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. He has been rumored to organizing meetings at a local bar, The Snake Pit. The Auror Department has assured us that you will be sent post-haste to investigate this matter and apprehend Mr. Malfoy should his suspected illicit activities be found to be truthful.

We thank you for your continued work with us.


~ Minister of Magic; Kingsley Shacklebolt"

Harry snorted to himself at Kingsley's formal language as if they had not fought side by side in the biggest battle in Wizarding history.  Harry removed the ink pot and stone, allowing the parchment to roll back in on itself. He shoved it unceremoniously onto a particularly dusty corner of his desk and sighed heavily. He stared at the piles of dusty papers nervously and ran his fingers through his hair. It had been years. He could not say that he reveled in the idea of once again facing his school-boy rival once again.

Their last encounter had been after the Battle at Hogwarts. He had considered himself lucky to have left Draco Malfoy firmly in his past, but clearly it was not to remain so. Now he was the Ministry's Golden Boy – slated to be the Head Auror in just a few short years as soon as his predecessor retired. He was sent on all the big missions and had never once disappointed or failed a mission.

Until he received this memo he has just been sitting working on paperwork; his least favorite part of this job. When he had been doing his sleuth work as a boy at Hogwarts he didn't need to write down each ridiculous thing he did for a record that no one would ever read again, but now that he was a "professional" there were rules to follow. His disdain for paperwork was made all the more transparent now as this new assignment made it all but impossible to even attempt to concentrate on getting anything productive done.

It was like this every time a task was put in front of him; it was all he could think about. Already he was formulating a plan…


Potter kept his eyes closed. This was his ready room – the place he went to prepare for all of his missions. It was a small room attached to his regular office, but within it were all the things he could ever need for a mission (including a rather exhaustive supply of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes supplies). Mostly, though, all he needed was his wand and his imagination. Tonight what he needed was to look the part. He needed to look like a Dark Wizard. He had certainly seen more than enough of them to have an idea of what he was going for. In his mind's eye he tried his best to capture the image of what he wanted to create.

He opened his eyes. The lights in the room had been dimmed; all but those that surrounded the border of the mirror before him. It was not unlike the vanity that his daughter Lily had in her bedroom, only instead of makeup, powder, and hair accessories, the only thing on the sterile, steel surface was Harry's wand. He stared coolly at himself, surveying the familiar image that stared back at him. Other than the genial wrinkles that appeared at the corners of his eyes when he smiled, he had hardly aged a day since his school days at Hogwarts. His messy, impossible hair stood up in a thousand different directions. Any attempts to even give it a purposely tousled look had always been failures. His round glasses, his trademark, were low on his nose.  At first when he removed them, even his reflection only a foot or so away become blurry due to his poor vision.

He plucked his wand from the cool surface in front of him and with an indiscernible incantation his vision suddenly became crystal clear. The charm would allow him to see clearly for a few hours at least without his glasses. He was a bit shocked to see himself without them. It seemed to alter his entire appearance. His eyes suddenly seemed bigger, now that they were no longer hidden.  He ran his fingers along his own jaw line, noting the five o'clock shadow deciding he rather liked it there.

Harry reached down to pull open a drawer to his right and extracted from the darkness of it a tube of Sleakeasy's Hair Potion.  It was pretty nasty stuff, which was why he didn't bother to use it any more often than was needed, but it did the job. He squirted a Galleon-sized dollop into his hand, surveyed it, and then squirted the same amount again knowing he would need it. He rubbed his hands together smearing the gooey substance evenly between them and went to work toward slicking his hair smooth against his head. It must have taken a good ten minutes before Harry was finally satisfied with the job before he began examining his face again. He looked far too clean and pale. With a lazy wave of his wand his skin became tanned and a scar appeared that grazed over the orbit of his right eye. He looked positively scary, and the smile that accompanied his job-well-done no longer seemed to suit his own face.

Now satisfied, he rose and with another flick of his wand the lights in the rest of the room grew brighter, illuminating the small closet that contained Potter's limited costume/disguise collection.

He pulled out several hangers that held entirely black clothing; mostly leather, including a pair of pants, a nearly transparent a-shirt, and a long black, hooded trench coat that had a generous amount of buckles on it. His hands full, he used his foot to tease out of the closet a set of black leather boots with studded straps on them.  With his back to the mirror he stripped down to his dark red boxer briefs and then got re-dressed. When he was finished he turned again to the mirror. He was actually a bit startled by his, now, unfamiliar guise staring back at him. One side of his mouth turned up in a sly, pleased grin. He shoved his wand into a hidden holster on the seam of his pants.

He had never been to or ever heard of The Snake Pit before, but after a few snickers and odd looks later, he had extrapolated from some of his co-workers that it was in Knockturn Alley some place. So, not tarrying a moment longer, Harry turned on his heel and Apparated.

The place was oddly familiar as if it hadn't changed a bit since he accidentally stumbled into it just before his second year at Hogwarts. This time, however, he looked like he belonged and he knew the type of folks he was throwing himself in league with by being here. This time he was prepared. After the tip he was informed of that had lead to the memo this morning he expected he would see at least a few people wandering around trying to be conspicuous, but it was totally deserted. This would make locating the place a bit more difficult, but Harry wasn't too concerned. His time and experience in his field had given him a keen eye for this sort of thing.

He began to stroll lazily down the narrow alley, taking note of each sign, shadow, and oddly colored brick that might be the key to what he needed to find. He was struck when he discovered that there was a very clear sign that even lit up that read 'The Snake Pit'. The words looked oddly generic – there was no graphic on the sign that might imply that it was a bar, like the memo implied, or enchanted images that moved animatedly like most stores had. This struck Harry as odd, but followed the arrow that pointed to a descending staircase with a wrought iron railing that brought him down a single level to face a solid steel door with no handle.

Harry ran his finger along the edge of it trying to discern how he was supposed to get in. When his examining didn't turn up any obvious clues his only remaining course of action was to knock.  He was slightly startled when a small window suddenly, and loudly, appeared at eye level exposing only about twelve square centimeters of space. A very dirty, greasy looking man stared back at him with one good eye and whistled through his few remaining teeth. "Who're you?" He sounded as though he'd had more than his share of drink already tonight.

"I'm here to see Draco Malfoy." Harry said in the darkest, most matter-of-fact voice he could muster.  The disembodied head regarded him doubtfully for a moment and then Harry heard the sound of what must have been upwards of around twenty or so locks being undone to admit him. When the door finally creaked heavily open and Harry stepped inside he was shocked to find that The Snake Pit was, apparently, not just any old dingy bar in Knockturn Alley, but it was apparently a strip joint of some kind.

There were all kinds of scantily clad women draped over the laps of several wizards being spanked or strapped, and even a few barely dressed men enduring the same treatment. The further in Harry wandered, the less copacetic things became. It went from scantily clad, to sky-clad, to leather-clad with whips and chains. Harry suddenly had a renewed appreciation and understanding for why his friends had become so concerned when he had accidentally come to Knockturn Alley when he was only twelve years old. Harry found himself transfixed by the scene of a very surly, large man wearing leather chaps and a vest with a G-string yielding a large bullwhip as he beat a witch who was bound with rope, a blind fold, and a bar between her legs that kept them far apart. Each blow elicited some erotic sound and tantalizing movement from her. Her hips danced sensuously as the skin took on a deep red, welts rising where the whip had hit her. She didn't cry though, but moaned as if the sting of the whip was arousing somehow.

Harry couldn't put a finger on it, but there was something raw about it. And whatever it was had caused a chain reaction of blood flow to his crotch that was starting to getting him hard. He was jolted back to reality by the sound of a deep woman's voice breathing in his ear.

"I've never seen you here before." She said. Harry turned toward her. She had fiery red hair and honey-colored eyes. What was more notable, however, was the high-collared bodice she wore and the leather crop she was holding. Her heavily lidded, made-up eyes surveyed him hungrily. Harry froze, immediately unsure of what to do or say. After a moment of awkward silence he cleared his throat and tried to speak.

"My first time." He said, pressed his lips together nervously, trying to sound confident, but failing. He was prepared for dark wizards and curses when he had walked down the stairs outside, but NOT this. She sidled up closer to him under the pretense of being able to hear him better over the bass beat that was pumping through the club.

"Oh?" She batted her eyelashes and, without breaking eye contact, ran her hand up and down Harry's thigh before rearing back to slap him sharply on the ass. Harry actually yelped in his surprised and smiled strangely at her, but resisted his urge to back away and run in the opposite direction. "Er, uh… yes." Was all he managed to say. He attempted to compose himself long enough to speak a little more intelligently. "I'm actually looking for Draco Malfoy?"

Her features dropped a little bit as she looked him over again. "Shame." She said, shaking her head. "I could have had fun with you. Not if you belong to Master Malfoy, though." She wrinkled her nose a bit as her entire body language changed. "He usually likes them a bit scrawnier… and not so dark and handsome." She said, obviously resisting her own natural urge to sidle up closer to him again, her desire clear on her face. "But, I'm sure he'll make do." She smiled knowingly, which suddenly gave Harry the sensation that there was a venomous tentacula plant growing in his gut. He entertained the notion of backing out and just leaving.

Clearly what the anonymous informant had thought was going on was, indeed, not going on after all, right?

Then again, maybe this was all a clever ruse. No. As uncomfortable and unfamiliar of an environment as this was, Harry knew he had to see it to the end. He swallowed his nerves as the woman guided him with her hand planted firmly on his lower back to another staircase that, Harry could see, had a single doorway at the bottom. This one, at least, had a knob on it so he could get in on his own. When they reached the top, Harry looked over his shoulder at the woman. Suddenly he felt vulnerable leaving her company and fearful of what lay at the bottom of this staircase. She winked suggestively at him and patted him appreciatively on his ass.

"Have fun." Was all she said in a flirtatious voice before she skipped off to find fun elsewhere.

Harry closed his eyes, steeling himself for the task. After a deep breath he stepped down the stairs and once at the bottom he turned the knob…


There was a flurry of activity behind the door that Harry hadn't expected.  As he slowly began to enter the room he was a bit surprised to find how small it was; just big enough for a few sofas, what looked like torture equipment, and a desk. There were a few people, men and women, who were scurrying now to gather the clothing they must have been wearing when they first entered. Draco, however, was not among them.

Draco stood at the opposite end of the room with a whip in hand, looking liable at any moment to strike with it if any of them took longer than he deemed necessary to leave. Harry watched in stunned silence as they hurried past him, not even daring to make eye contact with the new arrival as they did. Only once the last person had darted past Harry did the pair of them make eye contact.

Draco smiled condescendingly at his newest visitor and placed the whip gingerly on the desk. "And you are?" He asked impatiently. Harry took in the unusual attire Draco wore; a dark green, silk waist cincher and loose, nearly transparent silken pants with velvet boots that had a two inch heel on them. The dark clothing seemed so stark against his lean, ghostly pale skin. His hair was longer than Harry remembered it as it fell in his eyes.

Harry fumbled over his own words again. "I, er…" Who was he? He had come up with this fantastic disguise but had neglected to choose a name for himself and he couldn't use anything obvious since Draco would definitely figure out things weren't quite right. "James." Harry said simply, still deciding on a last name. "James… Mortimer." It was total bullshit, but he would go with it.

"James…" Malfoy repeated, placated with Harry's answer. He began to circle Harry, examining him, although for what reason Harry could only imagine. After one full circle Draco spoke again. "Remove your coat." It was definitely not a request and, out of fear, Harry complied. He shimmied out of it, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Harry became suddenly aware of how hard his nipples were underneath the nearly transparent shirt that he was now cursing himself for wearing. He was still half-hard from the display upstairs on top of things which made this examination all the more awkward. "And the shirt…" Draco said as the coat hit the floor. Harry stared at Draco impertinently not sure at first if he was hearing properly. He was starting to grow a bit offended by now.

"I'm sorry… what?" He asked incredulously, but barely got to finish the question before he was shocked by a sharp, but not altogether hard slap to the face. The rings Draco wore hurt more than the slap itself. Harry was so shocked that he could only stare in his confusion. Draco didn't look angry as much as he did impatient. He gesticulated animatedly as Harry continued not to do as he was told. "Your shirt, James! Take it the fuck off!" He exclaimed, tugging at the hem as if trying to do it for him.

Harry reached down and in his own impatience batted away Draco's invading touch and removed the shirt himself. As soon as he had done it, the cool air reaching his skin, he suddenly didn't know why he was cooperating. Harry couldn't see him, but he knew that somewhere behind him Draco was smiling at his compliance. "The pants?" Draco asked lightly.

Harry spun around to protest and was greeted almost instantaneously by the cracking of the whip across his back. Harry cried out in pain and shock. The stinging subsided quickly into a warmth that spread across his skin. Harry hesitated still, which brought yet another blow even harder that overlaid the first. Harry cried out again, but this time didn't hesitate to shuffle out of the pants leaving him in just his underwear.

He felt his face grow warm with the humiliation of it all. Harry half-figured Draco MUST know exactly who he was or he wouldn't be tormenting him the way he was. He stood staring straight ahead, too ashamed to even attempt eye contact.  The smile was evidenced by the timbre of Draco's voice as he spoke. "The rest, too." He purred as he came around to watch Harry from the front.

Harry's gaze shot for a split second to his tormenter who was fingering the delicate sharp end of the whip as a threat. He felt himself turn red all the way to the tops of his ears as he felt he suddenly had no other option but to indeed step out of his undergarments leaving him totally nude and exposed to his enemy. He felt a sob rising to his throat but pushed it down. The fear and shame had squelched whatever arousal he had felt earlier, and his cock lay flaccid between his legs.

"You're not hard?" Draco said in a lament, his lower lip protruding in a contrived pout.  He placed the whip down and extracted from a drawer a flogger that had large, flat studs at the end of each thong. With little to no warning, Draco slapped Potter's soft cock. Harry gasped at the sensation and Malfoy's forwardness. He was about to voice his disagreement, when Draco did it again; harder. Harry groaned in the discomfort but was simultaneously surprised and disconcerted when he felt cock begin to rise.

"That's better." Draco crooned. "If you're going to be my slave I require you to be hard at all times. " Draco flogged his cock once more drawing it further to full attention. Harry couldn't deny his growing arousal now, even if he was embarrassed by and couldn't even begin to comprehend it.

"Be you're what?!" Harry managed to spit. Draco was about to answer when Harry spoke again. "I – I can't do --!"  Harry was halted by an extremely, sharp, painful blow to the backside with a thick leather strap. Harry hadn't even seen Draco pull it out of a drawer, but he sure had felt it. The warmth was again spreading outward, his cock twitching from the pleasant after-effect.

"Silence! How dare you interrupt me?" Draco hissed, not at all deterred by Harry's pleading. He surveyed the well-toned Auror critically, running a soft hand along his exquisitely sensitive skin. He raked his fingernails across the slightly pink skin of his ass drawing a hiss and throb from Potter and his nearly completely hard cock. "Your cock is smarter than you are." Draco actually laughed. Harry seethed at the sound; one which had almost always accompanied humiliation during their days together at Hogwarts.

"At least it has the good sense to recognize a good thing when it comes along." Draco said as he lightly flogged Harry's cock again which was now straining against itself. Mentally Harry was fighting against his body's reaction, but couldn't ignore it either. Why hadn't he thought to reach for his wand earlier? Before his pants had hit the floor?  Now he would be beaten senseless if he tried no doubt. The idea sent an unexpected jolt of arousal through his body.

Harry surveyed Draco. He was well-toned, but lean. Harry was pretty sure he could take the man. Just as the thought occurred to him, as if he had read his thoughts, suddenly Draco waved his hand and Harry was bound. Rope was tied around his wrists that pulled his arms up over his head and attached to the low ceiling. A bar, like the one he had seen the woman upstairs wearing, had appeared, keeping his legs apart. Suddenly Harry felt even more vulnerable than he had already.

Draco slapped the sensitive flesh on the underside of Potter's arse with the strap earning an unsolicited moan from Harry's lips that he never intended to make. His cock pulsed. Harry berated himself for his inability to react differently. Draco hit him again and again the same moan escaped Harry's lips, possibly louder.  Draco smiled at his charge as he aimed and hit again. He was gaining a slow steady rhythm with just enough time between blows for Harry to catch his breath and allow the heat to spread before hitting him again. Harry could feel the welts rising on his flesh, the blood rising to the surface and tingling. Harry's cock was rock hard in the wake of Draco's beating. Each blow drove him further out of his own thoughts and into the moment.

It wasn't long before the pleasant sting of the strap was no longer enjoyable and uncontrollable sobs began to rise uninvited from Harry's chest. He had struggled so far to keep his mouth and sounds to a minimum, but he could no longer hold his tongue.

"Malfoy!" he exclaimed somewhere between a whimper and a plea as a tear streamed down his cheek. Without hesitation Draco slapped Harry once more, his teeth gritted angrily. "You will call me Master." He growled as he approached Harry and grabbed the excruciatingly tender flesh of his arse as he spoke. "You are not fit for my name to pass over your filthy lips." Harry could feel Draco's spittle showering over the back of his neck drawing a chill up his spine that magnified the ebbing pain in his back side.

Harry wanted to tell Draco that he was lucky he couldn't reach his wand, but he had already learned well that any back talk would be expediently dealt with by the whip on his already tender rear end. If only Draco knew who he really was … what he was really doing here tonight… surely he would regret his transgression.

Suddenly he felt Draco's wandering hands kneading the sore muscles of his arse, working their way gradually to the cleft between the two generous cheeks. Harry tensed up involuntarily which earned him an impatient slap that felt like razor blades cutting into his skin after the beating he had already taken.  His back arched and he groaned loudly in response.

"Relax!" Draco said in a hiss that was not in any way relaxing.  Harry attempted to obey, but found it difficult with Malfoy's imploring hands straying ever closer to Harry's virgin hole. Draco patiently kneaded, his eyebrows lacing together at Harry's apparently unease.

"James... Has anyone ever punished your arse before?" Draco asked with wide doe-eyes that belied the immense torture and humiliation he had already dealt him. Harry screwed up his face with the initial knee-jerk reaction to the very suggestion, but did his best to smooth his features and think hard about his answer before speaking.

"No." Harry answered simply, his gaze falling to the ground as Draco doggedly continued his journey down Harry's clenched ass crack. Draco landed a sharp slap to Harry's back side that felt like sitting on broken glass and, for the briefest moment, caused him to relax the muscles of his ass. Draco seized the opportunity to deftly slip his index finger in between Harry's cheeks and rest on the impossibly tight pucker. He depressed his finger slightly, applying gentle pressure to the hole that only caused it to pull tighter. Draco actually laughed quietly.

"I should say not." This time his voice had an entirely superior, bemused. He pressed his finger in with a bit more pressure. Dry, however, it did nothing more than irritate and make Harry extremely uncomfortable; both physically and emotionally. And then, like a shot of cold air, Draco withdrew his touch and was once again wielding his whip.  

"Bend over." He said coolly as he gestured haphazardly towards the ropes that bound him to the ceiling causing them to fall to the floor. Harry withdrew his hands and rubbed his wrists, grateful for the new, limited freedom of movement. He shot a derisive glance at Malfoy who responded with another, this time much harder, slap to the face.  "BEND OVER!" Draco repeated in a command.

"Look, Malfoy, I don't have time for –" He was halted mid-sentence as his tongue because suddenly glued to the roof of his mouth. The cause was quickly determined to be the wand that must have been hidden inside the handle of Draco's whip. He couldn't speak.

Draco paced around the newly handicapped Harry with a satisfied grin plastered on his face. "Much better. Bratty slaves bore me." He said simply, fingering the heavy thongs of his flogger as he did.  Without warning, and seemingly few things Draco did seemed to be with warning, he swung and landed a flogging on Harry's arse. His cock pulsed frustratedly on his front. What he really wanted was the release of an orgasm. Although Harry couldn't understand why he was enjoying this so much physically, he was about ready to be done with it.

He shot a pleading glance at Draco as the thongs fell off his cock heavily following the blow. Draco's facial expression shifted once again to a combination of contrived pity and self-satisfaction. Harry knew that Draco was deriving great pleasure from Harry's shift in attitude. Harry maintained his begging gaze as if to ask wordlessly, 'If I bend over, do you promise to let me come?'

Draco ran his hand softly over Harry's back and ass in an almost loving fashion and smiled. "Don't worry – James." He said, emphasizing the name with a twinkle in his eye that suddenly had Harry doubting his disguise. "Once I am done with you, I will permit you to come, --but only if you are a good little slut for me from here on out." The words caught huskily in Draco's throat, his own arousal beginning to become evident underneath the sheer fabric of his pants.

Harry's eyes grew wide with concern for his own well-being. He couldn't deny that now, as he allowed himself to truly absorb the vision of Draco Malfoy with his face flushed and his cock rising, that he was thoroughly attracted to him. Suddenly Harry couldn't help but wonder if secretly this had been the cause of his obsession with Draco during his school years, but he wasn't allowed to linger overlong on this thought before Draco snapped his fingers impatiently.

Harry hastened to bend over and was somewhat grateful when Draco used his wand to levitate him over to the desk to bind him. Harry doubted if he would have been able to maintain the position otherwise and didn't want to risk further punishment over it. The desk was at just the right level that when Harry was bent over it his arse was thrust out behind him. Draco tied his hands to a bar on the wall that forced him over so that his ass stuck out. Harry noted, with a quick attempt at nudging it, that the desk must have been bolted to the floor since it didn't give. Harry swallowed nervously and looked up at his tormenter.

Draco bent down slightly to caress Harry's face and simultaneously and loudly yanked open a drawer that was to Harry's right. Harry couldn't quite see over the edge of the desktop to see all of what was in the drawer, but what he could see did not give him rest. It was filled to brimming with various sex toys. He watched in barely contained horror as Draco extracted a small collection of dildos that started in size slightly fatter than Harry's thumb to approximately 3 inches in diameter.  

Harry groaned a bit under his restraints; the rope, the spreader bar, and the tongue tying curse that kept him from speaking. Harry's cock was bent to lie between his legs, not even between his stomach and the desk so he could rub against the hard, cold wood to attempt to give himself some relief. He was terrified of what Draco planned to do with the several phalluses that were laying just inches away from his right arm on the desk's surface.

Once Draco was apparently satisfied with their arrangement, from smallest to largest, he bent down to bring himself momentarily to eye contact with Harry with a condescending smile. He stared at him for a good minute before speaking, allowing the tension to build first. "Before I take your virginity, there is just one matter of business to take care of first." Harry felt the tip of Draco's wand grazing along his spine. It came to rest on the back of his neck. Harry could feel goose pimples rising on his flesh and his cock throbbed, bumping against the wooden desk.  He heard Draco draw a deep breath and closed his eyes in anticipation. He felt the curse on his tongue released just in time to hear Draco speak.

"Finite Incantatem." Draco said in a nearly inaudible whisper. Harry barely had time to register the spell when he felt the scars on his face disappear, his hair spring hopelessly back to its default, messy position, and noticed his skin return to its usual pallor on his arms. Thankfully, since the spell to fix his vision had been a separate one he could at least still see.

"You will NEVER be able to fool me, Potter." Draco said in an overly confident sort of voice. Harry thrashed against his bonds violently. Draco grabbed a handful of Harry's hair and pulled his head back abruptly. "Don't be foolish. You don't think I knew as soon as you walked into my club? I could feel your presence, Potter." He spat out Harry's last name in a way that only Draco Malfoy could; as if the mere word on his lips tasted poorly. "That's why I had the people before you leave in such a rush. I wanted YOU. Not them. I have wanted you from the first day we met…" He released Harry's hair and reached around to sink his index finger into Harry's mouth. Harry saw Draco's cock twitch as he rolled his tongue unintentionally over the invading digit. Draco shoved it in deeper, causing Harry to gag uncontrollably over it. He felt his salivary glands kick into overdrive, coating Draco's entire finger.

He was grateful when Draco finally withdrew it, but before he could manage to speak in his defense, he was shocked by the sensation of the well-lubricated finger pressing against his anus with a persistent pressure. Harry only managed to moan before he felt the finger breach his half-hearted attempts to keep Draco out. Once in, Draco stopped movement. Harry tried to wriggle free of the uncomfortable advance, but Draco seemed to anticipate and follow him wherever he went.  Once Harry stopped to take a break, Draco pushed his finger in again up to the next knuckle. Harry felt himself go up on his toes in response to the combination of pain and pleasurable sensation that accompanied Draco's intrusion. He could still feel himself clenching around Draco's finger.

Draco reached up with his un-occupied hand and began stroking Harry's hair. "Relax." He said in the most soothing tone Harry had ever heard his voice take on. Harry felt tears welling in his eyes as he tried his best to relax. "Master…" Harry managed to plea in a quiet voice. Draco simply shushed him.

Almost as soon as Harry had managed to relax himself, Draco drove his finger in the rest of the way. Harry was immediately shocked by the rush of sensations that rolled through his body with this final push.  His cock pulsed again. Harry couldn't help but wriggle his hips around in a vain attempt to stimulate himself. He moaned pitifully, this time more out of frustration than discomfort. Draco responded in turn by withdrawing his finger an inch excruciatingly slowly and driving it back in. Harry thought he might go mad from the sensation of the unforgiving digit sliding over the sensitive skin of his anus. Draco curled his finger forward and Harry felt an explosion of pleasure that he greeted with a moaning gasp. In his head all he could think was, 'Oh my god… oh my god…' but didn't dare to speak the words out loud.

Draco began to create a rhythm with his finger fucking. It was very little time at all before Harry found himself almost involuntarily using what little movement he could manage to rock back and forth, aiding Draco's impaling. Each fuck drew a moan from his lips. He was pretty sure he had even moaned Draco's name once, but he was so high on the amalgam of sensations that assaulted him that he couldn't even be sure. Draco had positioned himself directly behind Harry and as he withdrew his finger entirely he draped himself over Harry's back. The feeling of Draco's cock rubbing against his ass through the flimsy fabric and the languid satin of Draco's flesh across his own was intoxicating, but Draco stood up straight again just as abruptly as he had leaned forward.

Harry could feel his senses returning to him slightly in the absence of Draco's touch. He was grateful when Draco pressed a dildo against his ass to fill the emptiness. Harry found himself leaning into it, granting it easy entry. He was shocked at first by the increase in size and froze as soon as it was in. Draco, however, didn't allow him the break and continued to push in. Harry allowed a slow moan to escape from his lips that ended in a growl as Draco pushed it into the hilt and angled it forward.

"Fuck!" Harry muttered. Draco permitted this lapse of silence, only by responding to it with a slap to the ass that caused Harry to clench around the dildo. Harry found himself not all bothered when he discovered the occasionally muscle contraction felt as good as this did. He moaned, but managed to not speak anything intelligible. After a few stroked with this dildo, Draco withdrew it again and retrieved the next size up.  The procedure was repeated twice more until he had gotten up to the largest one. Harry couldn't help but gulp, a little nervous to take something as huge as that was. It was jet black and had the veiny appearance of a cock.

Harry watched it disappear from his view as Draco plucked it off the desk. A squishing sound told Harry that Draco had just lubricated it. Draco ran his hand along the inside of Harry's crevice and allowed his thumb to play in the gaping opening. Harry distinctly felt Draco's erect cock brush against his leg as he did this. Harry tried to tilt his pelvis forward more to thrust his ass out even further.

Draco withdrew his thumb and pressed the end of the phallus against Harry's hole. It took considerable effort and steady pressure to tease the dildo into him. Harry reveled in the sensation of being stretched and filled so completely. He struggled to remain relaxed with the gigantic cock impaling him, but Draco's gentle cooing helped him remain in the proper mindset. Once Draco had it in to the widest point he began to rock it back and forth. He did this for even less time than he had spent on the previous one. He extracted it, leaving Harry feeling disappointingly empty. Then, after the rushed rustling of fabric Harry felt something that only fifteen minutes earlier would have horrified him. Now, however, it sent a jolt of electricity through his body that made his entire body undulate with desire.

It was the tip of Draco's cock pressed against the, now, well-trained opening of Harry's ass. Well-lubricated, Draco slipped in almost effortlessly. Only once Draco had buried the entire length of his cock into Harry did it occur to Harry that everything he had done until now had been preparing him for this moment. Harry wished more than anything that he could reach down and feel Draco's flesh with his own hands; to absorb as much of the moment as possible.

The thought was driven from his mind as Draco withdrew and pounded into him again; just like he had been doing with the dildos. This time, however, with the cool silicone being replaced by the hot, hard flesh of Draco Malfoy's cock, it was better than all the previous phalluses put together. The feeling of Draco's firm, almost desperate, grasp on his hips, the occasional scraping of fingernails across his punished flesh, drove Harry absolutely wild. His cock felt fit to explode although nothing touched it. Harry was sure that his cock must have been the deepest rose color, engorged to the point of bursting. Harry could feel Draco's cock growing to the same condition inside of him.

Just as Harry thought for sure Draco would come, Draco gave a wide flourish with his wand hand and all the restraints disappeared. "On your back." Draco said, darkly, in barely more than a primal growl. Harry flipped over with a single mind – to be fucked senseless and have the best orgasm of his life. When he laid eyes on Draco he was overwhelmed with longing. Perspiration glistened on his forehead and his face was shadowed by the platinum blond hair that fell over it. Draco's chest was heaving and his cock was, indeed, nearly crimson in color and ready to explode. Harry's body, again, undulated and his own cock throbbed in reaction to the sight of Draco; the very vision of carnality.

Instinctively, Harry drew his knees up towards his chest. His cock lay across his belly and just the sensation of it resting on his own flesh made his balls draw up in anticipation. Draco pressed his tip against Harry again, entering easily. Harry arched his back as Draco thrust in, hard, the natural upward curve of his cock brushing against the sensitive pad of flesh on his inside.  His cock twitched so mightily that it nearly stood out straight from the rest of his body. Draco wrapped his hands underneath Harry's thighs leaving Harry's hands free. Draco continued to thrust violently in and out of his newly acquired slave and managed heavily to speak.

"You may touch yourself." He stopped for a second, his face growing red with what must have been the effort at holding back his own orgasm. Harry's face lit up at the permission. He reached down with his left hand to stroke himself but was quickly interrupted. "Both hands." Draco growled in command. Harry had never gotten off using both hands before, but he didn't care how he got off at this point as long as he did.

Harry reached down and the force of Draco's fucking caused his hands to bump prematurely against the already glistening head of his own cock. He actually jumped slightly, startled by the intensity of the sensation.  He palmed the head for a moment, squirming uncontrollably under Draco's and his own ministration before giving himself the relief of stroking the entire length. He started more slowly and quickly worked up to a faster pace, making sure to give plenty of attention to the sensitive underside of the head of his cock as he did. It wasn't long before he forsook this action for impossibly fast strokes that barely covered more than the head. Harry could no longer wriggle or squirm. He was frozen, feeling his own climax building behind his hands, his cock growing magnificently long and hard.

Suddenly he felt his come shooting from him in almost painfully intense orgasmic contractions. The orgasm was so strong that with the first spurt of semen, the liquid shot over his head. The image of Harry's shot sent Draco over the edge as well, shuddering uncontrollably as he struggled to maintain the rhythm that had brought him to his own orgasm. He groaned and growled, throwing his face up in the air as if gasping for breath that was being stolen from him. Watching Draco in the throes of orgasm only intensified Harry's as it petered to completion.

What felt like either seconds or an eternity later Draco extracted himself from Harry's ass. Harry was mildly embarrassed by the sensation of Draco's cum dripping from his hole. Draco, on the other hand watched the sight hungrily. Once Harry had stood up Draco looked at him sternly. "Next time, I don't want to see a single drop escape you."

Harry shifted his body uncomfortably. The weight of what he had just done was finally starting to come down on him now that his senses were returning to him. "Malfoy … I…" He paused, feeling nervous, ashamed, and unsure of if he was allowed to speak. When Draco didn't strike him for it he continued. "I don't know if I can do this again…" His speech was halted unexpectedly. This time it wasn't by a slap, rake, or whip, but by Draco's mouth closing around his own. Harry was taken aback, but the touch of Draco's unyielding lips on his own was exhilarating. It somehow seemed so much more intimate than Draco having been inside of him only moments earlier. Inside of him. Harry stumbled over the thought and felt the renewed stirrings of passion in the pit of his stomach. He was jelly in Draco's arms. Draco held him so tenderly that Harry couldn't bring himself to attempt escape… not that he really wanted to escape anyway…

There was an unspoken moment between them. On some level Harry knew that Draco was wordlessly confessing to feelings that he must have been struggling with for years. Harry would be lying if he said he didn't have the inkling of similar feelings that he now had the suspicion he had been suppressing just as long. "Malfoy, I came here today because an anonymous informant that told someone at the Ministry that you are organizing an uprising…"

Draco suddenly pretended to be disinterested as he examined his own fingernails. "An anonymous informant?"

Harry regarded Draco for a moment before he realized the guilty look struck him. "It was you?!" Harry exclaimed incredulously.

Draco's attention snapped from his hand to Harry's accusatory expression. "An anonymous informant who realized they would only send their best Auror to investigate?" Draco asked, still sounding innocent, as he began planting soft kisses up Harry's shoulder to the sensitive skin at the base of his neck.

Harry wanted to protest, but could think of nothing good to say. Draco planted another kiss on Harry's lips. Harry melted again and ran his fingers through Draco's impossibly baby soft, platinum hair. He knew that tonight was not an accident of fate. He also knew that he couldn't dismiss it either. "Draco… what are we going to do?" Harry asked imploringly, staring into Draco's mercurial eyes.

Draco smiled impishly. "Well." Draco started and then paused for effect. "You should be informed that I'll be having another important meeting next week… say eight o'clock?"
My first foray into short slashy stories :-) Oh... and to give credit where credit is due... I got the name 'The Snake Pit' from :icontimburtonisgod: <3
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